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DSW is a Dutch health insurance provider with over 600,000 policyholders. Their slogan “good for you” indicates that they provide everyone with accessible, affordable and high-quality healthcare.
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In 2006, DSW switched to using StreamServe from OpenText. Due to limited output capabilities on the mainframe, the organization was in the market for an innovative and future-proof replacement. After briefly using another software package, they ultimately chose the StreamServe suite, influenced by positive experiences from fellow insurer CZ. Schelte Wijma stated, "We achieved more with StreamServe in 2 months than in 2 years with Var-e-Docs." The implementation of the first stream was an immediate success!

The fact that DSW uses StreamServe is remarkable, because they prefer to build everything themselves. The old mainframe was transferred to .Net some time ago; all other applications are developed in-house. With an IT department of over 100 people out of a total of 550 employees, the company clearly emphasizes their proprietary technology as a differentiating factor in the market. When they switched to StreamServe, DSW also established a separate team to handle the technical aspects involved independently. tcf. assisted and supported DSW during the implementation and remains on hand for emergencies. Marianne Smit, process innovation consultant at DSW: “We're very pleased with their direct and efficient communication.”

Included in the StreamServe suite is Composition Center, a module that allows business users to create and maintain their own texts, images, and documents. As an early adopter during its release several years ago, DSW worked with tcf. to improve the functionality of what is now standard software. At this point, making substantive changes to documents has become a general business responsibility, rather than a task for the IT department. Marianne Smit: "Exstream is an integral part of our customer processes."

DSW uses StreamServe for physical printing and email, both for ad-hoc messages and high volumes. After they acquired HP, OpenText integrated Exstream's software into the StreamServe suite. DSW is considering upgrading to the latest version to benefit from both suites. Marianne Smit: "The print-to-digital ratio is currently 40:60."

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