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Achmea case

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Achmea case
Achmea is the cooperative parent company of brands such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis and Zilveren Kruis. With 10.2 million customers, it is the largest insurance company in the Netherlands. Achmea ensures that people’s lives can go on at times when it really matters. Since its foundation in 1811, Achmea has been there by and for the customers and for society. 

Sander Zandbergen and his team are responsible for Achmea’s entire archive landscape. They use a large number of servers with OpenText Archive Center and Content Server. Due to the number of servers, monitoring the activities on them is a time-consuming task. We used various OpenText tooling, such as Content Server Informant, Monitoring Agent and Performance Analyzer. In principle, this was sufficient, but FUSE offers a lot of added value compared to the separate tooling and makes it clearer and simpler. OpenText has brought the product FUSE to our attention and via tcf. FUSE has been successfully purchased and implemented.

Advantage of tcf. in this is that they can be ‘closer’ than OpenText itself. VILT gave a demo of their SolEx (Solution Extension) Fuse and we were very excited about that. The potential and the need became clear after the demo. Armand Frèrejean and Rogier van Kerkhof: “A strict requirement was that we could replace the current monitoring system and then phase it out.” A big advantage of Fuse is that with this tool you have to log in less on the servers themselves. The Fuse interface can be accessed via a web browser. Fuse is very user-friendly, you know faster than before where a problem occurs and you can act accordingly.

The dashboard provides alerts for error messages. You can receive these alerts via email with a push notification. With a time machine you can even go back in time to find out what went wrong and when. Erik Gordebeke: “Fuse is a solution with a centralized and clear dashboard.” Because Achmea purchases the servers as a Cloud service, the servers and also Fuse are available from any location where internet is available. The short and intensive collaboration with tcf. was important. After the implementation we immediately had a feedback session. In this session we were able to share our findings and challenges in a transparent manner. The first improvement proposals from Achmea were then immediately implemented in the product.

Problems and challenges were tackled together. Sander Zandbergen, Erik Gordebeke, Armand Frèrejean and Rogier van Kerkhof: “tcf. does what it says and the Fuse product does what is expected of it.” Arno Jellema of tcf.: “This implementation is an example of our successful ecosystem. Together with our partners, we are able to carry out and complete projects quickly and professionally, after which our customers can use the best solutions in the field of Customer eXperience, xECM and Vendor Invoice Management.”  

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