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Hans Anders

The optometrist brand Hans Anders is part of the Hans Anders Retail Group, and has more than 400 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, through the acquisition of competitor eyes+ more in 2018, they have another 170 stores in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria. In Sweden, the group operates under the brand name Direkt Optik, with 40 stores. With the slogan 'Dat maakt Hans Anders,' [clever wordplay that can either mean ‘that sets Hans apart or ‘that defines Hans Anders’] they aim to make good hearing and sight affordable – and thereby, accessible – to everyone.
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The implementation method determines the operation. Since SAP VIM has been deployed for the entire Hans Anders Retail Group, the setup takes time. With the implementation of SAP VIM, the organization eliminates paperwork altogether: everything is digital. It also makes for an opportune moment to review the current internal business processes. In SAP VIM, all invoices enter the workflow directly. Speed is crucial in this process. Invoice bookings are mostly automated, with an authorization flow running in the background. This makes invoice processing faster and approving invoices easier – and significantly more user-friendly.

No 9-to-5 Mentality

De manier van implementatie bepaald de werking. SAP VIM is voor de gehele Hans Anders Retail Group ingezet, dus de inrichting kost tijd. Door de implementatie van SAP VIM ben je het papierwerk kwijt. Alles is digitaal. Daarnaast is het een mooi moment om de huidige werkprocessen binnen de organisatie tegen het licht te houden. Alle facturen gaan in SAP VIM direct de workflow in. Snelheid is hierbij belangrijk. De boekingsgang gaat voornamelijk automatisch en er zit tevens een autorisatieflow achter. Hierdoor zijn de doorlooptijden van de facturen beheersbaar en kan de business de facturen eenvoudig goedkeuren. De gebruiksvriendelijkheid is hierdoor groot.

Een project als deze heeft een doorlooptijd van 7 tot 8 maanden van kop tot staart. Sander Jansen: “Het was prettig dat ik 24/7 kon schakelen en dat we er samen voor zorgden dat het project succesvol is geworden. Hard werken is belangrijk, maar ik vind het ook fijn dat er humor is. Geen 9-tot-5-mentaliteit, maar er samen voor zorgen dat het project succesvol is.” 

Compliment to tcf.

There are certainly areas for improvement, Sander Jansen mentioned. “Some functionalities that are crucial for Hans Anders were not included in the standard SAP VIM tooling. To ensure the entire solution aligned with our needs, we had to have custom additional functionalities developed. Ideally, we would have liked to see some of these functionalities included in the standard software, instead of needing to factor in additional building capacity. 

My compliments to the specialists at tcf. Their knowledge, skills, and collaborative thinking resulted in a successful implementation. They have proven themselves to be a very reliable partner in this process, and we will always recommend them to other parties working with SAP VIM.” 

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