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Collega's software demo uitleg

Seeing is believing: the power of an OpenText Experience Session 

Collega's software demo uitleg

Whether it's automating the invoice flow or gaining insights through data, software has become the backbone of modern business operations. To truly understand the capabilities and benefits of a software solution, there's no substitute for a well-executed software demonstration. In this blog post, we'll delve into the immense value that OpenText Experience Sessions bring to the table and why they are a crucial step in the decision-making process for businesses. 

When it comes to business-critical expenditures, you don't want to make mistakes. Nowadays, software applications constitute the beating heart of your business. A demo provides you with a good understanding of what you are going to purchase. Here are the benefits: 

  1. Visualizing functionality 

Software demos provide a tangible way for businesses to visualize the functionality of a product. Instead of sifting through feature lists and technical documentation, decision-makers can see the software in action. This visual representation goes a long way in helping stakeholders grasp how the software aligns with their specific needs. 

  1. Customization possibilities 

A well-conducted software demo enables businesses to explore customization options. Whether it's adapting workflows, integrating with existing systems or configuring settings, demos showcase the software's flexibility. This is crucial for businesses seeking tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their unique requirements. 

  1. Identifying key features 

Not all features are created equal, and a software demo helps highlight the key functionalities. Decision-makers can witness how specific features address pain points and contribute to overall efficiency. This insight is invaluable when evaluating whether a software solution aligns with the organization's goals. 

  1. Assessing user-friendliness 

User-friendliness is a make-or-break factor in software adoption. A demo provides an opportunity to evaluate the software's intuitiveness and ease of use. Businesses can gauge how quickly their teams can adapt to the new system and identify any potential hurdles in the user journey. 

  1. Cost-benefit analysis 

Software demos play a crucial role in the cost-benefit analysis. Decision-makers can assess whether the investment in the software aligns with the value it brings to the organization. This transparency is essential when it comes to making informed financial decisions and ensuring a positive return on investment. 

What can you expect from our OpenText Experience Sessions? 

At tcf., our demonstrations go beyond showcasing the software's functionality. That’s why we call them “OpenText Experience Sessions”. Those are specifically tailored to your use case, and they also include a business case to illustrate how and when the investment pays off.  

Based on your information request, we show what the possibilities are for solutions like Extended ECM Platform, Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), or other OpenText solutions. We prefer to conduct the session at your office for better interaction, but we can also schedule a call via Teams if that's more convenient for you. Understanding that time is valuable for you, our demos typically take no longer than 2 hours.

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